Developing a brand identity.

The general consensus is there's two ways to approach a brand identity or logo design and its application in an organisation's visual communications. One is the organic approach, where ideas manifest themselves via various stimuli. The other is a structured approach. A good designer has an innate sense of what will and won't work. However, the client has to be assured of this and to achieve this I use the structured approach. While happy accidents are welcome during the design process, adopting structure with its checks and tasks always results in an outcome the client understands and reinforces belief in the new identity.


strategise - create - communicate

This website provides an insight into how my services can be utilised to assist you in achieving your business or organisational objectives. There's quite a bit of content, but I'd encourage you to peruse it to get an insight into how the newer online visual communications fit with traditional design practices.

If you've worked with creative types in the past, I'm sure you understand the benefits of a direct dialogue with experienced operators who communicate well and provide a cost effective outcome. My skill set is a reflection of my background in visual communications.  As an advertising and commercial photographer, I concepted and published two successful consumer magazines. Building a creative team for magazine production, this led to graphic design and brand development. Then I ventured into web design, digital imaging and interactive online publishing.

Work with my design studio and you get the total package - or any part of it as per your requirements. You'll also get an insight into the processes that produce successful visual solutions for my clients.

Warwick Gibson

Make meaningful connections online and in print.

Typography that fits the message, subliminal triggers, calls-to-action, quality photography and sound colour theorem in print, digital and website production. There's more to a visual communication than just an appealing interface. Content and meaning are just as important. Everything I do has a strategic purpose. I attach great importance on developing visual communication that is driven by the strategic objectives of my clients, not by stylistic trends.

I'm big on ideas and bring an inspired approach to all projects I work on.


Why would I need an online publication if I have a website?

You can't rely on printed publications to reach the viewing potential of online. But you can take that print publication and bring it to life as a digital version with interactivity such as video, slide shows, bookmarking and built-in search. Catalogues, lookbooks, prospectuses, brochures, sales enablement tools, corporate communications and e-books on any subject. They can be downloaded in an app for offline reading, embedded in a website or function as a stand-alone URL with a distinct web address - and you'll achieve greater readership at a fraction of the cost of print.


The online catalogue v. the print catalogue.

With both in-house design and a photographic studio, I can produce both print and online catalogues. Traditionally, e-tailers have opted for the website e-commerce solution. However, there's many advantages in going for an online catalogue service. All features as per the ONLINE PUBLISHING page on this website apply plus the option of designing an online version that can be reconfigured with minimal design change for offset or digital printing.


Photography and Video.

BIGFISHvcSTUDIO is a photography, video and digital imaging studio I built, adjoining my design location in Belrose.  The collective experience  and expertise of our photographers is evident by the images featured on this website. Our work across all photography genres enables us to create images to fulfill any brief. In this regard, I provide a "one stop shop" for design, photography, digital imaging and video services.