The brand personality

A brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate. It is the way a brand speaks and behaves. It means assigning human personality traits to a brand so as to achieve differentiation. In developing the brand personality for STORM fishing lures we considered what anglers who use lures desire most - that the lure they are flicking out into the water gets pounced on by every fish swimming by.

To achieve this, the lures were given characteristics of extroverted, confrontational show-offs who are going to make sure they get noticed. Anglers understand this. They know that any erratic behaviour, for example the swim pattern of an injured fish gets noticed by predators.

The key to communicating a brand is understanding how your target audience ticks.

Creating effective advertising strategies

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Look at the big picture of your product offering

Most international fishing line brands develop product ranges to cater for every type of fishing. This results in fishing lines made from flourocarbon, nylon monofilament or braided woven fibers of  man-made materials like Dacron or micro-dyneema. The premise for lure and bait fishing is the angler uses a main line (spooled onto his fishing reel) to which is connected a leader line at the lure/hook end. This can be stronger than the main line to withstand abrasions and toothy encounters at the working end. Or lighter and more invisible if targeting wary fish in clear water.

We concepted and developed FISH THE SYSTEM for SUFIX, a globally recognised fishing line brand. To provide the best outcomes for various fishing scenarios, we matched  their range of fishing line types to specific leaders in their range. It was a ground-breaker with increased sales for the brand.

You might think this should have been a "no brainer". Wouldn't other fishing line manufacturers have used this in their advertising? No - they hadn't. Their focus was on promoting their perceived differentiation to other brands.

You can achieve increased sales if you look at the big picture of your product offering.