Transforming static print collateral into interactive online addresses all of these challenges.

Boost revenue and identify new eCommerce opportunities.

Increase lead generation and better leverage social media.

Ongoing content editing without the cost of a reprint.

Create a wider client base while reducing your production costs.

Improve your website's SEO performance with quality content.

Measure and report on marketing results and return on investment.

Identify popular content and track viewer online behaviour.

Create engaging communications utilising video and animation.

Online publishing gives you the opportunity to distribute well designed, dynamic content that attracts and engages your target audience. On all platforms, across all channels and relevant mobile devices. Catalogues, lookbooks, business pitches, sales enablement tools, brochures, prospectuses and corporate communications. In fact, most print-type communications can be re-created as an interactive online viewing experience and provide insight into readers' details and their actions whilst in your online publication. This valuable information can then be used for continuous optimisation and data collection.

Smart marketers understand that marketing via the printed medium is getting less effective.

What are your options?

Embed your online publications into your website or viewed via a unique URL I will provide you with.

The interactive online process

The process for online interactive is similar to creating design for print production.

•  Develop copy, photography, video and prepare design concept visuals.
•  Proceed with interactive finished artwork, liaising with you as the job progresses.

• The job file and visual assets are then uploaded to a cloud publishing platform.
•  Accessing this platform I create the interactivity that brings your story to life.
•  Built in HTML5, it can be viewed across all devices and operating systems.
•  Viewed on your website, online via a distinct URL or downloaded as an app.

Create for desktop, iOS and Android.

Ongoing content editing enables publication longevity compared to static print versions.

What is the difference between a website and our online visual communications?

We love a beautiful book.

It's the visually rich graphic design, the full colour spreads featuring illustration or photography, the best examples of coffee table book typography and the ease of navigation that sets our online communications apart.  And just like the traditional library, online publications can be archived for future reference.

It's a reading experience that viewers return to

Dependent on what solution you choose, I will provide you with:

Bookmarking that is a click away, online or offline.
Call-out panels linked to images  provide further information and greater detail.

Reading options are up to the viewer - single or double page spreads, full screen or width scaling.

Share with friends - pick a page or product, create a message and send to social media.

Built-in search in all pages.
Zoom in or out to enhance readability or enlarge an image.

Photos and graphics are optimised, quality images and text is rendered as razor sharp vectors.
Video and audio that is interesting and relative to your message ensures reviewing.


because I will give them the tools to make it easier.

The eCommerce solution

Your catalogue or magazine can become an interactive shoppable experience. Customers can peruse products via a familiar interface, in greater detail and in ways that will inspire greater purchases. Link to your website's existing shopping cart via an eCommerce plug-in. This enables shoppers to purchase without leaving the catalogue. In-publication analytics enable  tracking of traffic levels, click-throughs, popular products, page turns and time spent in specific sections.

Increase revenue with online shopping.

Online and print versions?

You can do it.

In the past, have you produced a print communication and then had to upload all images and information onto your website, requiring further re-design, digital imaging and coding?

I can design and produce both a print and online version, using traditional print page sizes, then adjust the print layout for online presentation.

The online publication can be embedded into your website or viewed via a unique URL you will be provided with. Choosing the latter option, it becomes a visually rich micro-website.

Analytics provide an insight into your
viewers' online activity and preferences

Dependent on your online publication package:

• track your publication's traffic levels.

• gauge what content is getting the most interest.

• analyse click-throughs and page turns.
• view heat maps of activity on each page.

and assist your marketing strategy.

• get subscriber reports.

• measure performance and ROI.

• see viewer's search terms.
• integrate with other analytics.

engagement in interactive online publishing.

This short ebook by Warwick Gibson outlines the benefits of interactive online publishing and provides information on the technical aspects such as SEO, lead generation and social media integration.