Our clients see us as a "value added" service provision. A one-stop shop where they have confidence in getting a best outcome, based on our experience and multi-skilling. On the other hand, when providing specifically a brand development, design or photography service, we work well with other advertising agencies, photographers or design studios due to our background in various creative genres.

What my ongoing research and observation has convinced me is that interactive collateral management (ICM) and cloud based online publishing is the future for B2B and B2C communications.  Bigfishvc’s offering is interactive online publication design and production with access to all platforms, channels and mobile devices. By stating publishing  I’m referring to all media that is seen as traditionally offset or digital print-based. Switched-on marketers know that communicating via print has become less effective. Compared to print and website communications, online publishing and ICM ensures increased readership with it’s multi-channel capability and rich media interface.

Strong client relationships are built on good communication, trust and an excellent service provision.  Two of our clients have been with us for fifteen years plus. Both are now peak organisations in their business sectors. One had an annual turnover of $4.5mill. when we started working together 18 years ago - now it's $128 million per annum.

If you're interested in exploring the opportunities for your organisation or just want advice on anything in our skill set, contact me on 0409 911 879.

Warwick Gibson
Creative Director / Bigfishvc

Our Services

•   Brand Development

•   Online Publishing

•   Catalogue Production
•   Photography

•   Video Production
•   Digital Imaging
•   Website Design
•   Design for Print

•   Advertising Production

•   Corporate Identity

•   Corporate Stationery
•   Copy Writing
•   Mural Production

•   Expo Design

•   Logo Design
•   Project Management