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What's in it for me?

At the end of the day, no matter how well you court a future customer, there’s really only one thing that they are concerned about, and that’s  getting satisfaction from their purchase.

OKUMA is an international fishing reel brand. Australian sales needed a lift and the distributor appointed Bigfishvc to create a new branding and advertising strategy. We achieved healthy growth for their product range in the first year, highlighting a lifetime guarantee.

Referring to their sales data, we compared the cost of product returned for warranty repair to potential increased sales if they provided a lifetime guarantee. This lifetime  guarantee would feature the usual clauses such as fair wear and tear and proper maintenance.   It transpired that product returned for warranty repair kept only two technicians busy. There's not a lot of moving parts in a fishing reel to break down.

We proposed that stressing the lifetime guarantee at point-of-sale and in advertising would increase sales far beyond cost of repair or replacement.

However, the constant is that anglers now recognise that the OKUMA brand is synonymous with quality and this has been reflected in increased sales and brand awareness.