The Online Catalogue

and Sales Presentation

We're living in a multi-channel world. Upon considering all  the options it's obvious the style and cross-platform capability of an online catalogue is a strategic godsend.

We can create a print version that reconfigures for online viewing.

For the best retail therapy, where would you rather shop online?

e-commerce website?

online catalogue?

e-commerce website?

online catalogue?

Yes, the point has been made. But what are the other considerations?

We can create a single HTML5 version (featuring shoppable  content) of your catalogue, optimising it for viewing on all the major channels, devices and operating systems.

The familiar page transition in online catalogues engages your viewers and encourages bookmarking and sharing with their friends via social channels.

Add to that the option for you to also have a printed version of your catalogue (see Online Publishing page on this website).


An online strategy incorporating a single point of content creation that can be viewed everywhere on every device.

A brief online presentation can increase engagement and encourage viewer actions.

E-tailers have reported up to 50% increase in average shopping cart value for their digital catalogues compared to their stand alone eCommerce websites.

Create a visually rich interactive online corporate or sales presentation. For sales, it can link to an eCommerce shopping cart, or sell direct from the presentation. This presentation might only be one or two pages of content, featuring interactivity and vibrant imagery that will showcase your brand in the best possible light. We can configure this presentation in a page landscape banner format, with a page slide transition - not a page turn. This is also an option for all our online publications.

The advantage is that short, specific presentations can be tailored to a series of sales campaigns or corporate messaging for online viewing via a distinct URL or email marketing.